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Pilates-Based Rehab: What Is This?

What do most people think of when they think of Pilates? Abs, Abs and more Abs. However, in actuality there are a lot more muscles that have to work in Pilates. You have a Core Cylinder that is your abdominals, diaphragm, multifidi (deep back muscles) and your pelvic floor. This cylinder has to be working symmetrically for us to prevent pain from occurring in our body. One of the most important muscles is your diaphragm, your breathing muscle. If you are not breathing, then your core is not working efficiently.

Here at Empower, we use Pilates equipment (such as Arcs, Towers and Reformers) to assist in the rehabilitation of our patients with pain. Our machines can do over 150 exercises and are highly modifiable for everyone. Sometimes, patients can only do a few exercises at home without pain, but they feel a sense of accomplishment when we start them on the equipment and they can see how much more they can do. People say, “I would have exercised everyday if I had one of these machines in my house.”

Depending on your condition, we start you out on the equipment in multiple different positions and work your whole body from head to toe. After all, our body works as a whole unit, not just in isolation. Within your time, you will progress from an injury- specific therapeutic exercise program to a versatile exercise program at home or in any environment. Talk to your therapist if you want to know how Pilates can assist in your recovery.

Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is Forward.

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