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[You] have become our “Family PT Team” having provided great services over at least 3 separate PT courses of therapy – for both adult and teenager members of our family. I have always been pleased with their explanations, their approach, and their clinical knowledge is amazing. I always leave a session impressed with the results. They are always enthusiastic, thorough, and just pleasant to see on a regular basis. I highly recommend either member of this “team” for anyone looking to receive top notch personal care that gets results.



I would like to provide the highest praise possible for Empower Physical Therapy and Rachel Miller. After countless trips to the urologist, and to the hospital, I was given the option to seek out a pelvic floor specialist.

I walked into Empower Physical Therapy confused about my condition and in severe pain. Rachel quickly educated me on what was transpiring in my pelvic floor. After 6 months of turmoil, I finally had relief both physically and mentally, which was incredible. I have Rachel to thank for this. She is truly gifted and most importantly, helped me get my life back.


Holly has been an awesome resource as my PT for the last four weeks! She has so much knowledge on women's health and how that contributes to the source of my SI pain. This practice is always on time and everyone is friendly.



The personal care and expertise that Rachel and the staff at Empower Physical Therapy provided to me well exceeded my expectations. In the midst of dealing with the stress of infertility, I found myself looking forward to my appointments as the staff and environment at the clinic was mentally, physically, and emotionally supportive. During a time that I was seeing many different fertility doctors, Rachel was the only one who took an interest in my physical pain and fluctuating hormonal symptoms. Rachel’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to my health ultimately led to a significant decrease in my symptoms and a much needed improvement in my overall quality of life. I am now 8 weeks pregnant after only one fresh cycle of IVF and I believe my time under Rachel’s care was instrumental in making my infertility journey a short one.


Empower Physical Therapy and each of their therapists are top notch. You receive one on one care in a calming atmosphere. No over the top loud music or therapists working on multiple clients handing you off to inexperienced interns like you will find in most other practices. I would give Empower 10 stars if I could. Right now I am working with Marianne Ingersoll on my knee replacement recovery. Once again, if I could give her 10 stars I would. Need physical therapy? Don't look elsewhere. Make an appointment with Empower Physical Therapy today!


I am 65 and have been to more than a few physical therapists. My daughter is now a DPT and when my foot doctor recommended PT I asked [my daughter] to review the list of therapy sites he gave me. She did, looking at the therapists backgrounds, and the type of enterprise they were.

She said to avoid the "chop shops", the bigger entities that process you in and pass you along, where you may have a different therapist every visit. I knew what she meant. You come in to these places, the therapist meets with you for a few minutes, then passes you along to someone who supervises/administers your treatment. You may see the therapist on the way out, if they're free. Others give you a set of exercises to do, and check in on you once or twice to see how you're doing. If you've been to PT, you know what I mean. It's not the worst. It's efficient for them. You may eventually get results. Next time in you may get someone else. It's okay.

Empower was different, a revelation. We chose Holly Wells, and I am grateful we did. She is a nice person, a focused listener, holistic in approach, and precise in her therapy. She figured stuff out, explained it to me, explained how everything connected including posture, gait, and musculature. She gave me confidence. We talked about changes I could, and needed to make. And yes, I eventually got some pointed exercise to do. But she was there with me, one on one. She was about to watch and correct what I did. It was an exceptional physical therapy experience. And the next one with her was equally as good. The best, Jerry, the best!! I am getting better every day.


I've been to Empower Physical Therapy for years, being one of Rachel’s first patients. I’ve seen several therapists during this time who have helped with my shoulders, neck, pelvic floor and knees, my friends and family all have had the same positive experiences. Currently Holly is my PT person. Holly is a great listener, and has treated me as a whole patient and not just a sore knee. The cupping she did on my calves has allowed me to stand without severe pain for the first time in years. The hands-on approach at Empower is the reason I stay. I’ve been to other PT places that use modalities, give exercises but basically never do any therapeutic massage. Empower's hands on is the reason they are a cut above. Lisa and Julia, the front staff, are always cheerful and engaging and do what they can to accommodate my needs. Rachel has done an excellent job assembling the best PT team in the area.


If you’re in pain and you’re frustrated that your healthcare providers don’t “get” your issues, you should definitely make an appointment with Rachel. She “got” me right off the bat, and I am NOT an easy case: pelvic floor issues, vertebral fractures, arthritis, severe osteoporosis and muscle/scar effects from a complicated cancer surgery. All of my doctors and healthcare practitioners didn’t know what to do with me, but Rachel DID! She has a gift for connecting the dots and getting results. She also has insights and strategies that enabled me to see results after just a few visits! Her whole mindset is geared toward problem-solving and getting relief ASAP.


I’ve worked with a number of physical therapists and it’s always the same cookie-cutter exercises, no privacy, and never just one therapist who works with you and gets to know your body. That changes the minute you visit Empower and work with Rachel.


My PT Kelly was fantastic. She listened to and addressed all of my problems. She’s a wonderful person and I would recommend her to anyone.


My experience at Empower Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor PT has been great. This is a very uncomfortable area to treat and I have been met with the upmost respect and comfort from the staff. Everyone I have worked with has been extremely professional and effective in their treatments. It’s a challenging treatment to experience, but they make it as comfortable as possible!

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