The personal care and expertise that Rachel and the staff at Empower Physical Therapy provided to me well exceeded my expectations. In the midst of dealing with the stress of infertility, I found myself looking forward to my appointments as the staff and environment at the clinic was mentally, physically, and emotionally supportive. During a time that I was seeing many different fertility doctors, Rachel was the only one who took an interest in my physical pain and fluctuating hormonal symptoms. Rachel’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to my health ultimately led to a significant decrease in my symptoms and a much needed improvement in my overall quality of life. I am now 8 weeks pregnant after only one fresh cycle of IVF and I believe my time under Rachel’s care was instrumental in making my infertility journey a short one.



After years of pelvic pain, several dismissals from physicians, and hitting rock bottom, a friend referred me to Empower to obtain some answers. From my initial visit, I finally received a diagnosis, treatment options, and how to get my life back. Over the course of my time with Empower, I was made a top priority & they thoroughly investigated all aspects of life impacting this disease. Gina is an absolute godsend, and she went above & beyond every session to tackle this chronic condition. In addition, my chronic running injuries were solved after several PT’s had told me to chose a different hobby. If you’re looking for specialists in women’s pelvic floor dysfunction, a calming & non-judgmental environment, and the most advanced treatment plan, then this is this the place! Thank you for opening my eyes to a life, which I never knew I could obtain.



I recently received 4 months of therapy with Andrea for my scoliosis. Andrea specializes in Schroth technique for those who have scoliosis. When I first started, I was in pain and tried yoga, stretching and chiropractic treatments. I received no relief. After seeing Andrea over the past 4 months and doing daily Shroth exercising, I am no longer in pain. My spine is straighter and my rotation of my spine has improved. I walk and sit straighter. I am grateful for Andrea in all she has done to make me wonderful.



I would like to provide the highest praise possible for Empower Physical Therapy and Rachel Miller. After countless trips to the urologist, and to the hospital, I was given the option to seek out a pelvic floor specialist.

I walked into Empower Physical Therapy confused about my condition and in severe pain. Rachel quickly educated me on what was transpiring in my pelvic floor. After 6 months of turmoil, I finally had relief both physically and mentally, which was incredible. I have Rachel to thank for this. She is truly gifted and most importantly, helped me get my life back.




Following Radical Prostatectomy, my surgeon- Donald Anderson- recommended Physical Therapy for overcoming incontinence. After six sessions (over two months) I recovered enough to reduce absorbent underwear to one per day. I am convinced that Theresa Feola greatly aided me in learning how to retrain and strengthen critical muscles.



I just wanted to say thanks! I have only had two sessions so far with Gina but just knowing that I have found a place that is able to help me overcome my pain has made me feel so much better. Prostatitis is such a poorly misunderstood issue that so many men face. The fact that you are providing this service is outstanding!


Your staff is professional and friendly! I am so happy I found Empower to allow me to regain my life. I look forward to the journey to a happier pelvic floor. Thanks to you and your team!!



Theresa and Gina have become our “Family PT Team” having provided great services over at least 3 separate PT courses of therapy– for both adult and teenager members of our family. I have always been pleased with their explanations, their approach, and their clinical knowledge is amazing. I always leave a session impressed with the results. They are always enthusiastic, thorough, and just pleasant to see on a regular basis. I highly recommend either member of this “team” for anyone looking to receive top notch personal care that gets results.



As a therapist, my bar is set pretty high for skill set, knowledge and overall bed side manner.  I'm typically disappointed. I've been to several other outpatient clinics in the area and usually am only seen by the PT/PTA briefly and then given to the rehab aide to do unrelated time filling exercises.  In a healthcare model, where seeing as many patients as possible (and at once) is the norm, I  have been completely blown away by my experience at Empower.  Every session is one-on-one with a therapist and completely tailed to your actual need.  Yes, they are known for pelvic floor/scoliosis however I would go there for any diagnosis.  I'm currently being seen by Gina for a orthopedic issue and have been able to return to running with decrease pain and better form. I have referred multiple patients of my own here and have had nothing but amazing feedback.  Hands down best outpatient clinic in Chester County.



When I first arrived at Empower the atmosphere was welcoming yet private and that shined true throughout my entire time there. The staff is highly professional, engaged, caring, and compassionate. After suffering from groin pain for a number of years due to multiple hernia repairs, I thought I would never have a day without pain. Gina, knew exactly how to handle every facet of my care. She also ensured that my mental health was in-check as well. I must admit that I never thought any of the treatment would have worked, but I can happily say that after 8 months with lots of tears, pain, and work I am 90% better than when I started. Before you consider any type of pelvic area surgery, consult Gina and the rest of the team at Empower, had I known then what I know now life would be totally different. I wish there was an option for 100 stars. THANK YOU!!!!!!



Pelvic floor pain is not something that women talk about every day. But there are thousands and thousands of women out there that don't even realize what they suffer from. It's a real thing! [...] After suffering from pelvic floor pain for over 25 years of my life, my Nurse Practitioner suggested I get physical therapy for my pain at Empower PT. I was like, "What in the world? PT for pelvic pain?" Gina, my therapist, was so empathetic to my condition and taught me exercises, stretches and breathing techniques to help bring the muscles out of spasm. She even instructed my husband to help me with the release of my muscles when they would spasm. Gina gave me my life back, and I will be forever grateful for her support and encouragement. Pelvic floor pain doesn’t have to control your life and it no longer controls mine! Thanks Gigi!!



Can not say enough about my experience with Empower Physical Therapy. First and foremost, unlike seeing 2-3 different people each session at other PT practices, the one on one care you get at Empower, in my opinion, lends itself to better care, and a better overall experience. I was fortunate enough to work with Rachel, and don't think I would have had the progress I had if I were to have worked with someone else. I know at some point I'll need PT again, and I know I'll come back to Empower Physical Therapy.



I just wanted to say thanks! I have only had two sessions so far with Gina but just knowing that I have found a place that is able to help me overcome my pain has made me feel so much better. Prostatitis is such a poorly misunderstood issue that so many men face. The fact that you are providing this service is outstanding!


Your staff is professional and friendly! I am so happy I found Empower to allow me to regain my life. I look forward to the journey to a happier pelvic floor. Thanks to you and your team!!



I started at Empower to improve my strength & learn some things about my body. Not only did those things happen but so much more!! Empower is the absolute best for your physical & mental health. It truly has been an "empowering" experience! Huge shout out to Andrea & Rachel! Becoming more aware of your body is such a powerful thing. Everyone in the office that we've come in contact with has been kind & caring. I greatly appreciate the kid-friendly attitude, too. Thanks Empower!



Last summer my scoliosis was at 51 degrees and i was a candidate for scoliosis surgery. I really didn't want to go through all of that so my mom found Empower Physical Therapy online and saw that Andrea specialized in dealing with patients who have scoliosis. I began to go once a week and then once a month and only 7 months later my curve went down to 35 degrees! Andrea is such a dedicated and intelligent physical therapist and cares deeply about all of her patients. I recommend anyone who is in pain because of their back either due to scoliosis or something else to give Andrea a chance! She's amazing.



After having five babies in quick succession, I was in need of some help to relieve pain I was having from all those births.
Theresa Feola was my physical therapist and she was amazing! She created a program that moved at a pace my body could handle. I started out with basic exercises that at a glance looked to be easy. However, with no core strength from being stretched out from so many pregnancies, the exercises were quite challenging. Each week Theresa introduced several new exercises into my routine and she made sure I used proper form throughout each exercise. Week by week I got stronger and the exercises that were once challenging in the beginning became easy to do. After a few short months with Theresa, I exited the program feeling pain free, strong, and confident!

K. M. W.


I can't sing Rachel Miller's praises high enough. I emailed Empower as a last ditch effort to avoid surgery and that decision changed my life. The combination of Rachel's expertise and my determination was precisely what my body needed, and I was able to feel zero symptoms after 2.5 months. Infinity THANK YOUs, Rachel.

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