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Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Empower Physical Therapy!

... Of course, we can't wish you a happy, healthy holiday without mentioning a few little tips. Afterall, not only is this the time of family gatherings and gift-giving, but also shoveling, wrapping, and decorating! Here are our top muscle-minded tips meant to help you stay in the best shape during the winter season and avoid an injury going into 2018.

  1. Spending the day wrapping gifts? Be sure to create a workspace on a table high enough so that you don’t have to continually bend from the spine. Keep items close to your body to avoid twisting and reaching forward.

  2. If you DO have to bend, be sure to hinge from the hips to keep a neutral spine. No bending from the back! Repetitive forward leaning can cause poor posture and low back discomfort.

  3. Hanging lights or decorating tall trees? Be sure to have a spotter close by! Not only will they keep the ladder steady, but they can help with bending and reaching for ornaments and lights.

  4. Snow Storm? If possible, try to shovel or snow-blow the fluffy stuff early in the storm, before it piles on and becomes heavy. While this may take more time, it can save loads of stress and back pain. Be sure to hinge from the hips and knees, and alternate between sides when rotating.

  5. Doing heavy holiday lifting? If you're boxing up décor, loading mountains of gifts into the car, or pulling the roast out of the oven, remember good form for each and every lift to avoid a back injury. Take a look as Rachel shows us how it's done!

Stay safe, and all the best for a wonderful holiday!

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